The General Terms and Conditions of the website, under the domain name (hereinafter referred to as “VoidModding”), regulate the use of the website and the services provided by the platform to Users and Sellers. These Terms and Conditions are in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and adhere to European Union regulations.

The Administrator of the Website is:

  • Void Digital Ltd
  • “Ranni List" № 10, fl. 6, ap. 17, Zapaden, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • VAT ID: BG206832212
  • Legal Representative: Georgi Todorov
  • Contact Email: [email protected]

Communications between Users, Sellers, and VoidModding as the Service Provider, including any declarations of intent, will be conducted electronically through emails sent to the registered email addresses provided by the Users.

VoidModding operates as an online platform that acts as an intermediary to facilitate transactions of specific Digital Services & Goods related to video games, such as boosting and coaching.

VoidModding enables Sellers to provide two main types of Digital Services to Users:

  • Solo Boosting Services: This service involves a Seller (booster) playing directly on a User’s account to enhance the User’s game level or rank without the User’s active participation.
  • Duo Boosting Services: In this service, the User actively plays on their own account, accompanied by a booster, to achieve a desired game level or rank together.

VoidModding also facilitates the sale of Digital Goods, such as accounts that are pre-developed to various levels of advancement in games.

VoidModding itself does not directly provide boosting, coaching, or sell accounts. Instead, it offers a secure platform for registered Sellers to offer these services, ensuring compliance with legal standards and facilitating safe transactions.


  • Account: A registered profile on VoidModding that enables Users to access and purchase services offered by Sellers.
  • Digital Services: Non-physical services provided through VoidModding, including solo and duo boosting, as well as coaching services.
  • Digital Goods: Non-physical items such as pre-developed game accounts, which are sold through VoidModding.
  • Buyer / User: Individuals or entities that use VoidModding to purchase services and goods.
  • Seller / Selling User: Registered individuals or entities that provide Digital Services and goods via VoidModding.
  • Service Provider: Void Digital Ltd, the entity operating the VoidModding platform.
  • Site: the VoidModding platform itself.

1. Applicability and Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions

1.1 Both Users and Sellers are required to accept these General Terms and Conditions, along with the Privacy Policy, as a prerequisite for using the services provided by VoidModding.

1.2 Individuals who are not legally capable of entering into binding contracts with VoidModding, or those restricted by local or international regulations, should not use the services. Users making purchases on the website must confirm they are at least eighteen (18) years of age or meet the legal age requirement in their jurisdiction to form binding contracts. Additionally, any User acting on behalf of another individual or entity must verify that they are duly authorized to enter into legal agreements on behalf of that individual or entity.

1.3 VoidModding retains the right to alter or amend the General Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes, including the introduction of new clauses and the removal of existing ones, will be posted directly on the website. These changes become effective three days after their publication. Users are responsible for regularly reviewing these changes and are considered to have accepted the updated terms by continuing to use VoidModding’s services after changes take effect.

1.4 Interaction and communication between Users, Sellers, and VoidModding, including queries and transactions, occur electronically, primarily via email or through live chat on our platform. VoidModding may also use various digital communication channels to engage with Users and Sellers.

2. Intellectual Property and Copyright to the Website

2.1 All content including texts, photographs, designs, logos, images, software, source code, and other intellectual creations found on the site, as well as the site itself as a multimedia artistic work, are protected under copyright legislation and are the exclusive property of Void Digital Ltd.

2.2 The content on the website may not be copied, reproduced, transmitted, or stored in any retrieval system in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without the prior written permission of Void Digital Ltd.

2.3 No rights to ownership or claims over the intellectual property of the website are conferred to Users or Sellers through their use of the site or acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions.

2.4 Access to the website is provided to Users solely for use via the web address, under the terms set forth by VoidModding.

2.5 VoidModding is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or associated with any video game developers, publishers, or distributors, including but not limited to entities such as Rockstar Games, Riot Games, Inc., Activision Blizzard, or Tencent Holdings Ltd.

2.6 VoidModding does not claim ownership of any intellectual property rights in the video games mentioned on its website. All copyrights and trademarks related to these games belong to their respective owners.

2.7 VoidModding is not officially endorsed by any video game producers, publishers, or distributors mentioned on the website and does not represent their views or opinions, nor anyone officially involved in the production or management of the video games listed.

3. Registration, Seller Registration, and Guest Checkout

3.1 To register a User Account on VoidModding, individuals must complete the registration form available on the website. This process requires Users to provide essential information such as a Username and email address, along with any additional details required.

3.2 Individuals who wish to sell services or products through VoidModding must provide comprehensive information in their vendor dashboard. This includes their current name and surname, chosen method of payment withdrawal, and accurate payment information. VoidModding is not liable for any losses or damages resulting from the provision of inaccurate or misleading Seller information.

3.3 VoidModding reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Accounts of both Users and Sellers. Accounts may be suspended or terminated if any balance remains unclaimed or if the Account activities breach the platform’s General Terms and Conditions. Specific details regarding the consequences of such breaches are detailed in section 14 of these terms. Additionally, VoidModding may suspend or terminate Accounts that potentially compromise the platform’s interests or the safety of its Users.

3.4 For certain services, Users are not required to create an Account and may purchase as guests. In these instances, the Seller is notified of the order and will communicate updates directly to the Buyer via email through our platform. However, for other services, if a User does not already have an Account, one will be automatically created upon purchase. Users will then gain access to features such as ‘order chat’ in their profile section, allowing direct communication with the Seller regarding their order.

4. Using the Website

4.1 Registration is not mandatory to browse the VoidModding website, Users can freely access various sections. Prior to registration and purchasing, Users can review detailed descriptions of Digital Services and products offered by Sellers, as well as comprehensive information about the Service and the Service Provider. VoidModding reserves the right to update or modify content on the website at any time without prior notice.

4.2 Any new content or information added to the website will take effect immediately upon posting.

4.3 VoidModding may offer promotions and discounts at its discretion. The terms and conditions of such offers will be detailed on the website. These offers may be subject to change without prior notice and do not constitute amendments to the General Terms and Conditions.

4.4 VoidModding may send non-commercial or marketing communications to registered Users as necessary to facilitate website usage, comply with legal obligations, or inform Users of new features, irrespective of User consent for marketing materials.

4.5 The platform may offer special pricing or discounts at the discretion of VoidModding management. These offers may not be listed publicly on the website but will be communicated directly to eligible Users through unique links.

4.6 Users may opt-in to receive commercial messages or newsletters from VoidModding. This consent can be given at any time before or after registration and can be withdrawn by unsubscribing via the link provided in the communications.

4.7 Users must use the website for personal purposes and ensure their Account credentials are secure. Sharing Accounts with other Users or entities is prohibited, and each Account must be used by a single individual. Accounts are non-transferable and cannot be inherited.

4.8 Users can access their accounts using their designated login credentials, which include a Username and password.

4.9 In case Users forget their login details, they can recover their credentials through a verification process available on the website or via their registered email address.

5. Compliance with Game Rules

5.1 Upon registering, Users declare that they have the authority to enter into, execute, and finalize agreements through which they order services from VoidModding. This declaration assumes compliance with any applicable game rules or that the User has received necessary permissions from game owners or authorized representatives to engage in these transactions. Failure to comply requires the User to immediately discontinue using the website and not proceed with any registration or transactions.

5.2 VoidModding declares that its services are not available to individuals who do not have the legal right to form contracts under applicable game rules or who have not obtained the necessary permissions from game rights holders or their authorized agents. The responsibility to fulfill these conditions rests solely with the User.

5.3 VoidModding does not verify whether a User is legitimately entitled to enter into, conduct, finalize, or settle the agreements related to the ordered services. It is the User’s responsibility to ensure they are legally compliant in their engagements on the platform.

5.4 If a User fails to meet the conditions specified in section 5.1, VoidModding reserves the right to terminate the agreement immediately to prevent potential harm or misuse associated with non-compliant service transactions. Furthermore, VoidModding may deem any agreements concluded, executed, or to be executed under such non-compliance as null and void. The User is responsible for resolving any resulting disputes or claims, and no refunds will be issued for fees related to these voided agreements.

6. Placing an Order

6.1 Users can purchase Digital Services, such as boosting, and Digital Goods such as game accounts through the VoidModding website. All Users, including guests, must agree to the General Terms and Conditions of VoidModding before making any purchases.

6.2 To make a purchase, Users may register to become a member of the VoidModding website or choose to proceed as guests. Registered Users can manage their purchases more effectively and communicate directly with Sellers via the website’s features.

6.3 VoidModding offers Users the ability to purchase services like solo boosting to enhance their game levels, along with the option to buy advanced game accounts and other related Digital Goods. Transactions and service deliveries are governed by the agreements between the User and VoidModding.

6.4 Required details must be provided based on the type of service or good purchased:

  • 6.4.1 Solo Boosting Services: Whether as a registered User or a guest, one must provide necessary login details, including but not limited to the login name, password, and specific game account name before or after placing the order to initiate the boosting service.
  • 6.4.2 Purchasing Game Accounts: No pre-purchase information is required from the User. Account credentials and necessary details are communicated via email or through the website’s direct chat feature post-purchase.

6.5 Registered Users will gain access to the “Customer Area" after a purchase, where they can manage their orders, update account details necessary for the service and directly communicate with the service provider.

6.6 Guest Users can make purchases without registering an account. All necessary post-purchase information, such as account credentials for Digital Goods, will be delivered via the contact email provided at the time of purchase. Guest Users can also track their order status through links provided in the confirmation email.

6.7 For Digital Goods like game accounts, guests and registered Users alike are not required to provide additional pre-purchase information, apart from billing email. Upon completion of the purchase, details will be delivered instantly through email or the ‘Order Chat’ feature on the website.

7. Order Process, User, Service Provider, and Selling User Obligations, Service Rights

7.1 The agreement between the User and Service Provider remains valid until the Digital Services (such as Solo or Duo Boosting) is delivered, or the Digital Good (such as game accounts) is transferred to the new owner.

  • 1.1 For Solo Boosting Services: the agreement is valid until the agreed-upon objectives are achieved as specified at the time of purchase. Users must provide all required information before the service begins.
  • 1.2 For Duo Boosting Services: the agreement remains in force until the completion of the session or sessions purchased. Users need to provide only their in-game names and any other necessary details to facilitate the service.
  • 1.3 For Selling Accounts: the agreement is considered fulfilled once the account details are securely handed over to the Buyer.

7.2 The agreement may be terminated by the Service Provider if the User fails to fulfill required actions within 90 days, such as providing necessary information, maintaining communication, or actively participating in the process. Unused credits may be subject to administrative fees upon agreement termination due to breach of terms.

7.3 Users are advised not to play use the account being boosted to avoid conflicts and potential underperformance:

  • If a User plays and causes a decrease in rankings or performance metrics, they may be required to compensate for the reversal of progress.

7.4 For certain services like placement matches, a minimum performance guarantee is provided. If the booster fails to meet this guarantee, compensation in the form of additional boosting or adjustments will be offered.

7.5 All account purchases come with a standard (14-day) warranty period, during which any faults not caused by the User are covered by VoidModding:

  • Users can opt to extend the warranty period for an additional fee during checkout.
  • In the event of loss or compromise through no fault of the User within the warranty period, efforts will be made to recover or replace the account.

7.6 Upon completion of a service, Users will receive a notification detailing the completion and any relevant confirmation, such as screenshots or logs, to verify the service was rendered as agreed.

7.7 The transfer of purchased Digital Goods is considered complete when the Buyer has received and acknowledged receipt of all necessary access information without any outstanding disputes.

8. Additional Terms and Conditions of the Sales of Digital Goods by Selling Users

8.1 VoidModding reserves the right to facilitate the sale of Digital Goods, including but not limited to game accounts, through its platform.

8.2 VoidModding reserves the right to approve or disapprove sales requests by Selling Users to ensure the safety and integrity of transactions on the platform:

  • 8.2.1 Selling Users will be informed of the approval or rejection of their sales listings via email, or another direct communication method linked to their profile on VoidModding.

8.3 VoidModding retains the authority to approve or reject any changes to the information associated with a Digital Good offered by a Selling User:

  • 8.3.1 Selling Users will be informed of the approval or disapproval of their requested changes through their registered email or another direct method of communication.

8.4 VoidModding reserves the right to impose service fees on the sales of Digital Goods and Services by Selling Users, which may be deducted from the sale proceeds prior to disbursement.

9. Payment

9.1 You can pay on the website using the following methods: Ecommpay & Stripe

9.2 The Service Provider pays for the payment fees.

9.3 The Service Provider is not responsible for any rejected or failed payments from the Payment Provider payments.

9.4 Upon payment completion, Users will receive a confirmation of their transaction. VoidModding does not issue invoices directly for services provided by Sellers; this responsibility lies solely with the Sellers according to applicable laws and regulations. Should a User require an invoice or other proof of transaction, VoidModding may assist in facilitating communication to obtain such documents from the Seller. However, VoidModding holds no responsibility for the issuance of these documents and Users relinquish any claims against VoidModding concerning the procurement or lack thereof of such documentation.

10. Refund and Chargeback Policy

10.1 You, the User, acknowledge that opening a claim after the transaction has been processed, or after the service or delivery of virtual goods has begun or completed, places you in direct breach of VoidModding’s Terms and Conditions. You are legally obligated to either close the claim or repay the full amount plus an additional fee set by VoidModding, not less than 50 Euros and not more than three times the original transaction amount if the purchase exceeds 50 Euros. Failure to comply will result in full liability under the applicable laws.

10.2 Refund Eligibility

  • 10.2.1 Digital Services: Users may request a refund for boosting services within 48 hours of purchase, provided the service has not commenced or a booster has not been assigned. Refunds must be requested via the contact form or live chat.
  • 10.2.2 Digital Goods: Refunds for Digital Goods, such as game accounts, can be requested within 48 hours following purchase if the account credentials have not been provided.

10.3 Processing Refunds

  • 10.3.1 If a refund is requested, the User is responsible for the payment provider fees.
  • 10.3.2 Refunds are processed within 14 days of the request.

10.4 In instances not outlined above, VoidModding retains the discretion to issue full or partial refunds based on the unique circumstances of the request.

10.5 Chargeback Resolution

  • 10.5.1 If a chargeback is claimed after a service or Digital Good has been delivered, the bill will be sent to a debt collector agency, and the User will incur all additional fees associated with recovering the costs.
  • 10.5.2 Additional costs include debt collection fees and any other unforeseen expenses resulting from the chargeback.

10.6 All transactions involving Digital Goods are final once delivery has been confirmed, and these are exempt from general withdrawal rights due to the digital nature of the content.

10.7 If multiple services or a combination of services and goods are purchased, each component is subject to the specific terms outlined above.

10.8 VoidModding communicates all pertinent information and notifications regarding refunds and chargebacks through the email associated with the User’s account or through direct messaging on the platform.

11. Role of the Website

11.1 VoidModding acts solely as a platform connecting Users and does not participate in the transactions or agreements between Buyers and Sellers. VoidModding is not responsible for the actions or agreements made between Users on the platform.

11.2 VoidModding does not verify the accuracy or reliability of information uploaded by Users. Users are responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the data they provide on the platform.

11.3 VoidModding is not liable for:

  • The authenticity of data provided by Users.
  • The ability of Users to fulfill obligations under contracts initiated on VoidModding.
  • The financial solvency of Users using the platform.

11.4 VoidModding does not mediate disputes between Users. All conflicts that arise during transactions must be resolved directly between the involved parties.

11.5 VoidModding is not responsible for any personal issues Users may encounter related to the services, including addiction to gaming, participation in illegal activities, or losses in games. Additionally, VoidModding is not accountable for any account suspensions, bans, or other penalties Users may incur from game developers or other third parties.

11.6 VoidModding reserves the right to terminate any User’s access to the platform without prior notice if their behavior is found to be illegal, violates community standards, or damages the reputation of the service.

12. Limitation of Liability

12.1 VoidModding is not responsible for actions taken by Users on the website. Users are expected to adhere to all legal requirements and use the website appropriately. The website simply facilitates User interactions and transactions.

12.2 VoidModding is liable only for direct damages caused by its failure to properly execute its stated services, and only if VoidModding is demonstrably at fault. Users must prove such fault to claim any damages.

12.3 VoidModding’s liability is limited to actual damages incurred by Users. It does not cover indirect losses, such as lost profits or opportunities.

12.4 VoidModding is not liable for:

  • Incompatibility of Users’ IT systems with the website.
  • Website downtime caused by external factors like natural disasters, technical failures, or third-party service issues.
  • Misuse of the website by any User or third party.
  • Legal violations or harmful actions by other internet Users.
  • Problems caused by software not provided by VoidModding.
  • Email delivery problems caused by external blocking or filtering.

12.5 VoidModding disclaims all liability for damages resulting from the use of unauthorized software by Users on the website.

12.6 VoidModding is not liable if communications are flagged as spam or junk by Users’ email services.

12.7 VoidModding may periodically perform maintenance that disrupts service access. Users will be notified in advance through the client area or by email, except in urgent situations.

12.8 To ensure stable website operations, VoidModding may temporarily limit certain features. These restrictions are intended to prevent system overloads and ensure security.

12.9 VoidModding is not responsible for security breaches that result from Users’ failure to secure their computer systems or internet connections. Users are responsible for their own cybersecurity measures.

13. Acceptable Use

13.1 You agree to use the Site according to the Agreement without infringing any Third party rights or to use VoidModding’s content in any illegal or fraudulent way or for commercial use.

14. Forbidden Actions and Account Termination

14.1 You may not use the Site and Services, or assist others in using them, for the following purposes:

  • Violate any person’s or entity’s legal rights;
  • Display the Site and Services in connection with an unauthorized IP right of Third parties (logo, trademark, etc.) and in connection leading to suggest a relationship between VoidModding and any Third Party;
  • Share files containing malware, spyware, adware, or other unwanted programs or codes;
  • Send any type of material that is inappropriate, offensive, false, obscene, illegal, sexually explicit, or that promotes violence, racial hatred, or terrorism;
  • Override any security placed by VoidModding to gain access to any area of the Site and Services that we have not given you permission to view, including to gain access to or use another User’s information or account, to permit another person to use your Account or login data or to send, transmit or share in any other way said information.

14.2 The following must be submitted by anyone whose rights have been infringed upon by data that is stored on the Site:

  • the violated right;
  • any information and documentation proving the right to file a lawsuit on the grounds that the Seller has no right to the data found on the Seller’s store;
  • the individual’s personal information, including name, surname, business name, registered seat address and email address (needed to complete the procedure after such submission has been made).
  • After receiving the submission VoidModding will notify the Seller who oversees the uploading of the data, that a third party has filed a claim for and will block access to it. VoidModding does not have any additional responsibility and is not liable for the infringement of any Third persons’ rights in connection to the activity of Users on the Site.

14.3 If VoidModding determines that any data is illegal, it retains the right, to delete it from the Site or to forbid its transmission or posting.

14.4 A Registered User’s account may be terminated by VoidModding at any moment if:

  • VoidModding has reasonable grounds to suspect that information given by a Registered User is fraudulent, illegal, or not current;
  • VoidModding feels that User activity is harmful to the interests of VoidModding, its employees, affiliates, or other Users;
  • Any future conclusive proof found by VoidModding that the Registered User has broken any of the Terms of this Agreement.

15. Miscellaneous

15.1 These Terms form the whole Agreement between you and VoidModding including all policies on this Site, and they replace all the previous terms, policies and other guidelines on the Site and Services.

15.2 You may change the email address we contact you on by visiting your Profile. We won’t be held accountable for failing to notify you for changes on the Policies if you don’t give us accurate information.

16. Jurisdiction and Legal Disputes. Arbitration

16.1 By agreeing to this Agreement you also agree that any claim or dispute that may arise between you and VoidModding related in any way to this or previous versions of the Agreement, your use of the Site, the Services, or any other products or services sold and/or purchased through the Site, provided by VoidModding will be resolved in accordance with the provisions set forth in this Section.

16.2 You agree that the applicable laws to any claim or dispute that has arisen or may arise between you and VoidModding, will the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

16.3 The parties to this Agreement shall make every effort to resolve any dispute or claim amicably. To do this, they will discuss and negotiate with one another working to find a solution that satisfies them both. If they are unable to come to an agreement within 60 calendar days, then all claims, and disagreements will be resolved by arbitration handled by the Bulgarian Arbitration Court, upon notice from either party to the other. The place of arbitration shall be Sofia, Bulgaria.

16.4 If the Agreement to Arbitrate above is deemed not to apply to you or to a specific claim or dispute, you agree that any claim or dispute that has arisen or may arise between you and VoidModding will be decided exclusively by a competent court of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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